Interior Design 室內設計

EcHouse matched more than 2000 successful decoration cases! Hong Kong has an inch of land, and of course everyone wishes to make good use of every corner of the dwelling! Even a small area can rely on interior design with different intervals, materials, and styles, they can greatly increase the interior space and create various feelings!

Whether it is public or private housing, village houses, industrial buildings, shops, restaurants, etc., interior design is very important~

If you want to know more about interior design, please keep reading! The following will also provide you with different decoration cases from small (about 300 feet) to large (about 1000 feet), introducing various interior designs!

Home designs

200 feet interior design

【荃灣映日灣】interior design

【傲凱】interior design

200 feet public housing estate interior design

【柴灣環翠邨】interior design

【葵涌葵盛西邨】interior design

300feet interior design

【金獅花園 】300feet house design

【豐寓Edition178】322feet house design

【煥然懿居】302feet house design

【紅磡煥然懿居】368feet house design

400feet interior design

【御景灣】463feet house design

【薄扶林置富花園】439feet house design

500feet interior design

Small space does not mean that there is no room to use. Even if there is only 500 feet of space, it can still take into account practicality and aesthetics. The layout of the room in the new unit may not be suitable for all the household. The household in the above video needs an extra room because of the number of people living in it. Does the sample room make the space feel oppressive? In fact, suitable decoration materials can often increase or expand the space! If you don’t know where to start, you might as well try “wood” as the theme. The following case in Ho Man Tin is a good reference!
In the following 500-square-foot decoration case, the style is unified, making the originally narrow wall look wider and making the space feel larger. Suitable home decors keep the space spacious and bright. Sometimes you can be bold and add some bright and special furniture to increase the vitality, and make the whole house more colorful.
The original 500-foot 2-bedroom unit was transformed into an 800-foot unit because of the addition of a loft! Take advantage of the high ceiling to create more storage space and separate the upper and lower floors. In addition, the master room is also decorated with a light purple color, which is not visually cramped.

【何文田冠德苑】563feet house design

【黃大仙現崇山】570feet house design

If you want to create an exquisite house, the importance of storage cannot be neglected. Adequate storage can save space and extend vision. It is not difficult to see that the above five units have created a lot of storage space, whether it is wall cabinets that integrate with the environment, storage of folding furniture, or the use of hidden storage spaces such as floors. In short, make good use of each Inch space, let the living space easily become a comfortable harbor for rest!

2020 whole-house renovation predicted budget (for reference)

home decorsmall flatmedium flatlarge flat
size300-500 sq. feet500-700 sq.feet800-1000 sq.feet
time period2 months2.5 months3 months
Clearance$8000-$10,000$10,000-$15,000$15,000 or above
Cement Sand$40,000-$60,000$60,000-$80,000$80,000-$10,000
Paint$15,000-$20,000$20,000-$30,000$30,000or above
Furniture$80,000-$100,000$100,000-$120,000$150,000or above
Full budget for renovation$250,000-$300,000$300,000-$400,000$400,000-$500,000

Interior design and home decor - Loft

Loft is a good technique to make good use of the space of the housing enterprise! More and more people choose to build a loft at home, and there is more storage space within the house. If you want to know more about the precautions or requirements of the loft, you can refer to the following video! !

Interior design and home decor - Platform bed

In the days when the house does not have enough storage space and wants to increase the storage capacity, while doesn’t want to have too many lockers in the house, the platform bed is definitely the best solution! The following video has a bedroom and platform bed to solve all storage troubles! Everyone may wish to consider installing a platform bed!

Japanese interior design

Speaking of Hong Kong people’s favorite decoration style, the Japanese simple Muji style. Simple living in a busy city is certainly a longing, no wonder Hong Kong people love it! The basic colors are white, transparent, wood color, and earth-tone color, with the concept of natural and simplicity!

Characteristics of Japanese Interior Design

1. The design should be fresh and natural, and simple
In Japanese-style interior design, colors tend to focus on natural colors, such as the colors of bamboo, rattan, hemp and other natural materials, forming a simple and natural style. The characteristic of Japanese home design lies in meditation to generate wisdom, and the pursuit of peace of mind. It shows simplicity and uses different thicknesses and intervals to increase the level of space. The most common way is to use “wooden grille.
2. Design with coexistence of nature
The spirit of Japanese interior design style is to combine architecture and nature, indoors and outdoors, unique natural landscape and tranquility can be found in Japanese courtyards. Flowers, flower arrangements, and pruning art are used vividly in Japanese style design to bring the indoor scenery extend to the outdoors to achieve the same effect inside and outside.